Temple of Taxiarchis (Charouda)

The temple of Taxiarchis in Charouda has an interesting legend behind it. According to the legend the temple was built by a master craftsman who had a father who was master craftsman. The two master craftsmen competed for the best result.   The father with the Taxiarchis of Glezos and his son with the Taxiarchis [...]

Diros Caves

The caves of Vlychada Diros of Mani are one of the most enchanting parts of the planet. A miracle of nature that you can enjoy in the area of Mani even if you are not a cave lover.   Their name, Vlychada, stems from the sweet waters of the area called Vlycha. Since 1900 the […]


Areopoli is the capital of Lakoniki Mani and formerly known as Tzimova. Its current name took it during the reign od King Otto after the Greek Revolution of 1821 by the ancient Greek god of war, Ares (Mars). This name was given to the city in order to honor the military skill and offer of […]


Limeni is a magnificent village of Mani by the sea and one of the most beatiful and traditional destinations in the area that you must visit at least once in your life. It is located a few kilometers from Areopoli and when its time to leave from there you will be full of beautiful pictures […]


Kotronas is the largest seaside village in East Mani. It is located 8 km south of Sparta and 41 km from Gythio. It is famous for its beautiful beaches ( Megali Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Sykias in Scopa Island) as long as its architecture, which belongs to the traditional style.   According to tradition, the name […]


Inside the heart of Laconian Mani, stands Vathia, dominated and unaltered in the centuries. Seeing Vathia, it travels you to previous times where the villagers heroicaly defied the attacks of the barbarians, fortified in their amazing tower houses. Vathia, a mother of tradition, is one of the most beautiful and imposing settlements in Lakoniki Mani. […]